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In the Gap Motivational, LLC, co-founded by Keith Smith, is an empowerment company that provides a unique approach to the importance of positive choices in our decision-making process. This approach is achieved by injecting real-life issues with cutting-edge techniques that were developed from learned experiences. The aim is to completely destroy barriers that can ultimately create negative cultures. In the Gap Motivational, LLC infuses positive building blocks to bring about changes when necessary and introduces methods of bridging the gap of broken communication with a confident attitude. 


Keith is a magnetic speaker with a rich creative storytelling ability. He has spoken to over 250,000 people and has allowed his life's mistakes, hardships and heartaches to qualify him to deliver a message of hope and resurgence. Keith knows how to engage and captivate people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures. The scene is set, the tone is robust and is dipped with a spoonful of humor while intertwining each story and making every moment relevant to your life experiences. Keith speaks from his heart and delivers a message that will be with you for the rest of your life. Be bold and take a seat in the midst of In the Gap Motivational, LLC. You will not be disappointed.

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The SMOKE is in my testimony!

Daniel 3:27


"In the Gap Motivational, LLC has a way of blending a powerful narrative based on life experience to deliver life changing ideas to a broad spectrum audience. Keith Smith is one of the most influential speakers I have ever had the opportunity to witness." 

Scott Jones
Project Manager


“I listened to Keith speak in April 2019, and I found him to be a phenomenal speaker who engages his audience and leaves them with a sense of empowerment. Keith's personality appealed to his audience, while his passion for helping and serving captures the hearts and attention of all those he's speaking to. Keith was informative and exuded charisma and authenticity during his speech. I believe he left his audience enthused, elevated and enlightened. Keith is an innate motivator!"

Cortney Nick

Assistant Vice President

Store Manager

“I have known Keith for a short time, but in that time I have gained an awesome brother in Christ! His story is a great testimony to what God can do when a man truly turns himself over to God. He has been broken, he's lost everything, yet he still smiles and glorifies God with his words and his life. God has restored all that he's lost and more! He is a man who has been given the God given talent of public speaking, allow him to grace your ears!”

Curtis Fink
Founder & Chairman, Godspeed  South Carolina





Keynote  Speaking

  • Message is adaptable to any size group, on any subject matter, and is not predicated upon social, economical, environmental or geographical location

  • Specific needs are enthusiastically accommodated

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Building Bridges Services

  • Communication seminars that encompass goal planning, visions, team-building components and conflict resolution building blocks

  • Individual break-out sessions with Keith -  ideal for at risk populations, juvenile diversion, drug rehabilitation and ex-offender

       re-entry programs

  • Ask about the "Invisible Communicator Service"

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​Consultation Services

  • Multifaceted in the areas of Standard Operating Procedures, Departmental Operating Procedures and Code of Ethics

  • Ideal, but not limited to Law Enforcement Agencies, Jail Facilities and Prison Institutions

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Built for the Rebuild is a book in which I tell my life of being a rogue police officer with an addiction which lead to my arrest and incarceration leading me to rebuild my life from the bottom up. This book is a step-by-step blueprint filled with tools, techniques and life experiences that I learned during my process of positive change. It is my hope that with each page read it will aide you in navigating your life through positive change so that you can live your best life as I am doing today.  


Meet the Support Team

Dorothy A Pearson-Smith

Branding Developer

Dorothy is co-founder of In the Gap Motivational, LLC and wife to Keith. She is a word connoisseur who instantly recognized that there was something uniquely different about him. After engaging in numerous conversations, courtship, and then marriage, the two knew that now was the time to present the vision that was given to Keith  in 2014 to the world. Dorothy is a graduate of South University in Columbia, SC with a degree in Legal Studies. She now uses that knowledge to support Keith with the launching of In the Gap Motivational, LLC. She oversees an array of responsibilities (i.e. Director of Operations, Web Designer and Social Media Manager).

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Life is not perfect, but our choices must be.

~Keith Smith~

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Image Credit to my good friend and accomplished actor, Robert Goins.

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TEL.: 803-250-9404


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